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Before GTA 5 was released, GTA 4 was one hell of a game for the gamers. No doubt, it was one of the most popular game of all time with massive sales record. However,it is still downloaded and played by massive gamers worldwide even though GTA5 has completely taken over. Intelligence behind these astonishing games are none other than Rockstar Games.
The GRAND THEFT AUTO series itself has attained an iconic status in contemporary pop culture in general and the gaming world in particular– and has become a household name with its numerous titles that were published over the years with an appeal that transcends both age and gender categories. New features like those in the combat system introduced in this chapter have only served to add to the reputation of the franchise globally. The plot that involves a different amount of moral decisions in the actions of the character which reproduces the reality of human existence. Read on - to find out more.

GTA 4 Android And Ios

Gta 4 android

Perhaps no other game on this planet has a more brutal and free-for-all approach than this; none other has a more maverick appeal transmitted through its gameplay and characters! Ever since Rockstar Studios brought out its first installment in the fall of 1997, the franchise has made its mark in the gaming realm, and there has been no going back.
GTA IV is the eleventh game in the Grand Theft Auto Series. And like its predecessors in the series GTA IV, published in 2008, continues to charm both avid and casual gamers alike though the very personality and temperament of the game has drawn towards itself, a fill of controversies.
Set in a fictional city of New York called Liberty City, the single-player/multiplayer action adventure game depicts the story of Niko Bellic in his venture to break away from his past but mob bosses and loan sharks persistently pursue him.
The game lets the character wander through the vast world of Liberty City spread over three islands without any limitations. And it is worth mentioning that the world in this particular franchise is more extensive than those in earlier versions of the game. The character – Niko Bellic in this case - navigates the virtual world either by walking and running or by an automobile and the player controls him while viewing it from third person perspective.
The multiplayer mode allows large number of players and allows them to either vie with each other or team up towards attaining mission goals. Insane right?
And have you ever thought of having gta 4 gameplay experience through your android devices?! Also, you might have thought of playing Gta 5 Android . And if you are like everyone else, wondering how to play these games on your mobile devices and looking for answers, well, you are on the right place! Going in details, Gta 4 provides an extremely entertaining experience for android users. It does have the same features including the online play, open world gameplay and all. However, the only thing to be considered is that the screen won't be as large so the users might not get the experience as expected in PC, xbox or playstation. Anyways, it is still cool.

Gta 4 apk -

Gta 4 apk

Several critics hailed Grand Theft Auto IV as one of the best games of the time particularly commending the game’s narrative, open world scenario and the choices of morality that the player has to face. Metacritic rated it a 98 on a scale ranging from 0 to 100.
The game also has a more responsive combat system, and few people have had complaints about the option of cover mode even though overall they loved it.
Players of the game have found it to be liberating. It allows them a chance to let go of themselves in a virtual world, based on the real one, allowing them to let off steam by engaging in activities they would not usually be able or permitted to carry out within the confines of social norms and the law. Its popularity was presented by the fact that it broke industry sales records by becoming the fastest-selling entertainment product in history, earning the US $310 million in its first day. It also drew in the US $500 million in the first week of its release.
Talking about the apk version of the game, Gta 4 apk file is not available on the playstore yet. Moreover, people even search for Gta IV android or ios versions on torrent sites. However, you can download the apk and data file from this site and install it manually. Even though, the total file to download is over 2GB, it is still being downloaded by many hardcore gamers everyday. And despite the file size being massive for a mobile game, the gameplay and features it contains is absolutely brilliant

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Features And Gameplay Of Gta IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is available for only few platforms – Play Station 3, X-Box 360, Windows and now android and ios devices. Players can switch between free mode and mission mode. When the player is out of mission mode, the character can roam freely through the vast landscape of Liberty City with the option to wreak havoc through free anarchic activities like carjacking, murder, mugging and unprovoked assault.
As in previous editions of the game, the character may be held accountable for an illegal action and apprehended by law enforcers. A “wanted” sign appearing on the head-up display indicates that the role is to be arrested with the level of being wanted by the law enforcement ranging from one star to six stars.
The effort put in by the law enforcement officers to apprehend the convict is most aggressive on six stars. However, the level of aggression on the part of the police gradually diminishes when the character progresses beyond his pursuers’ line of sight.
The player also has the option to listen to the radio while cruising around in a vehicle, whether a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and includes favorite song tracks from a wide array of genres ranging from country to heavy metal. This feature affords a break from the monotony of traversing long distances.

New Combat System

The new option that came with this installment of the game is the cover mode which allows the character to move between cover. The novel combat system gives the player a choice to fire blindly, aim freely, target a specific enemy and even aim at particular parts of the target body. Additional moves such as preventing, disarming, dodging an opposer and counter-attacking are also be executed. The character can be made to wear body armor which minimizes the impact of gunshots and explosions, but its effectiveness diminishes with use.

The Characters

The main character Niko Bellic is an East European immigrant in pursuit of better means. He is portrayed as a dark character with the resolve to fend off hostilities from loan sharks. He is forced to exercise his free will and make several moral choices in his quest for freedom which is a welcome feature in the whole narrative of the game. This feature is brought out more profoundly at the point of choosing a mission. Niko befriends a couple of people who become instrumental in driving the plot of the game and in accomplishing tasks.
Basically, these are just the small insights of the game. There are a hell lot more stuffs you get to enjoy in the game and for that, you need to play the game yourself!

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Follow the tutorial for installation of Gta IV apk and obb -

-Firstly, download the apk and obb file(This obb/data file is optional to download as you can download the file later directly from mobile through the Gta4 application.)
-If you have downloaded the file on your desktop, connect your device and transfer the apk to a new folder. And if you have also downloaded the obb/data file,move it to the obb folder inside the android folder.
-Now, simply launch the application. Make sure you turn on installation of app from unknown sources in the android settings.
-That's it. The file will start downloading if you haven't already downloaded the obb file and the game will launch.Enjoy!

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