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By far, Grand theft Auto V is one of the most popular and highly demanded game.Hat's off to Rockstar Games for their hardwork in making this franchise,no wonder the game has super cool graphics,storyline,smooth controls and many more features.
Many people don't even need an introduction to this game as they are already familiar with it.Anyways,the game is an action and adventure genre and was first released in september 2013.

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Super cool? isn't it? Which gamer wouldn't love to roam in that open free world where everything is possible? Well obviously,everyone would love to! Unfortunately,this game was only released for few devices.Firstly,it came out only for Xbox360 and Playstation3 and later on,it was expanded to PC,Playstation4 and Xbox one as well.

Gta5 gameplay-

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Downloading gta v for pc is pretty easy.Most of the people search for this game on google,torrent sites,Youtube etc.Although,this game is available to download on most of the websites,unfortunately,most of the files are either corrupted and also the game is either cracked or hacked so you won't be able to play it at its best even if it works.Hey! Calm down! you don't need to worry about not being able to download.What are we here for?! Check out the official Gta V game site-

GTA 5 free download for pc 

No wonder people search for this topic.I mean who wouldn't want to have this game on their platform? Obviously, everyone would right? Unfortunately, this game is not available to download for free on the official site itself.And it is totally understandable as well - for such an awesome game to be available for free of cost?Unfair! and also from the people's perspective - not all of the people are willing to pay for a, for these reasons, check this out if you are thinking of downloading this game for free, visit - Gta 5 download pc

GTA 5 pc requirements-

Well, for such an amazing game,it surely needs super powerful platform as well right?
Check out the requirements for running this game- 
Operating system- Windows 8, Windows 7 , Windows Vista (NVIDIA video card needed for Vista)
Processor required-Intel Core2 Quad CPUQ6600 @2.40GHz(4 cpus) or AMD Phenom9850 Quad Core Processor(4 cpus) @2.5GHz..
Memory required- 4GB
Video Card required- NVIDIA 9800GT 1GB or AMD HD4870 1GB(DirectX 10,10.1,11)
Sound Card required-  DirectX10 compatible
Hard disk Space required - 65gb

Play gta 5 online-

Not only great offline mode game experience,Gta 5 online also enables you to come across globe to meet new game experience.It allows you to get connected with the world,roam freely and complete different super cool missions through online!
*For accessing online,you must have a strong internet connection(to avoid crashes).And after connecting to it, simply,launch the game.*

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Play gta online -

Gta rocking the online features as well right? It must have raised a curiosity within you after watching the video to know more- what it's like to dive in and explore into the online Gta world.
No worries, for playing the online version of gta, you have the official site itself. Visit the official site of gta online. 

official site -

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If you are having problems downloading, please share the site to any 3 social medias below(as shown in the image) to automatically download the file! Thank you!