Gta 5 mods

Customizing Gta5 has been very popular among GTA creative fans.They took the game to a whole new level by changing the characters,unlocking new features and customizing many more stuffs in the game.Till now,lots of Gta 5 mods are available to download.Have a look at some of the insane GTA V mods-

The Flash Gta V mod -

Yes! you are seeing it correct.This is the DC's superhero flash.This mod allows you to become the flash and unlock quick feet to reach the places swiftly as the flash would.Get the lighting zap while you run around with this mod and guess what?! you don't even need vehicles to reach places.

The Flash Gta 5 Mod

Dragonballz Gta V mod -

Well,personally this is my favourite mod.I'm a huge fan of Dragonballz and Goku has been my role model since i was a kid so no doubt i would love to play as Goku on Gta 5.Anyways, there are other Dragonballz characters available on the mod like Vegeta,Piccolo,Gohan,Trunks etc.And i almost forgot! you can even launch your favourite 'Kamehameha'wave with this mod.

Dragonballz Gta 5 mod

The Incredible Hulk Gta V Mod -

Unleash the chaos using this hulk mod.Destroy everything that gets in the way like an actual Hulk would.Ironically,you can even drive vehicles and ride bikes using Hulk(Well, that;s not the kind of hulk i know).Anyways, you also get the super jumping power using this character so it's pretty fun.

The Incredible Hulk Gta 5 Mod

The Iron-Man Gta V Mod -

Ever wondered of hovering in the sky like Ironman? Well, that is possible on Ironman games but guess what?! Now it is possible even in Gta V. One of the coolest Marvel character is now playable as a mod in Gta V

The Iron-Man Gta 5 Mod

WWE Gta V mod -

We do enjoy watching WWE,don't we? I mean the characters fighting each other,the suplexes,fighting style,finishers, it's pure entertainment! This is possible in WWE games and now it's available on GTA V as well as one of the best mods! Play as your favourite character- John cena,Randy Orton,Roman Reigns,Rock etc and you can even suplex people! How great is that?  

WWE Gta 5 Mod

These are some of the top character mods that are for Gta 5, I haven't included all of it as there are probably over hundreds mods created by fans.Some other mods allow you to fly using a car,ride on water using a bike,unlock super cool weapons you are unknown of and many more!

Thanks for Reading & Have fun gaming!
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